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Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique in solving our countries Climate Issues.

  • History

    Nigeria is primarily a non-vegan region with less than 0.2% of its population being vegetarians. This is largely due to the absence of a proper feeding culture, poverty of the mind and pocket as well as fallacies entrenched in society overtime as regards proper diet. Most Nigerians believe animal meat/dairy products contain a high level of protein alongside additional nutrients needed to ensure optimum body function. This forms the basis for the large intake of dairy products and high-level of rearing animals for this purpose.  In Lagos alone, an estimated 164 trailers of cattle come in daily and 6000 of them (cattle) are slaughtered for various purposes. The statistic goes up to 8000 during weekends and festive periods with sheep and rams not left out.

  • Approach

    The movement  is set to address and rewrite the current narrative via curating thought-provoking conversations that revolves around evidence-based vegan diets and lifestyle, cost effectiveness of vegan meals, animal protection rights  and its inextricable nexus to climate change.

  • Culture

    Function by by convoking thought-provoking conversations across various cities in Nigeria innovatively – from food sampling, learning events, online campaigns, movie screenings, podcasts and media outreaches to one-on-one advocacy.

  • Mission

    Naijagoesvegan mission is to make veganism mainstream in Nigeria. We are keen on making veganism an easily-adopted and widely-recognized approach to reducing animal suffering and environmental damage. We do so through peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals, governments, organizations and businesses. We achieve this vision and mission by providing information, supporting and advising individuals and health professionals, caterers, manufacturers, and influencing policy makers. We work with the media to help reinforce a positive view of veganism and to help a larger audience see that veganism is a rewarding, enjoyable and viable lifestyle.

Borokinni Joshua
Joshua Oluwaseyi
Community Manager
Benson Ekpo - Naija Goes Vegan
Benson Ekpo
Creative Lead


  • Naija Goes Vegan has been such an amazing experience. I got to meet other people who supported a bigger cause, one for the benefit of all.

    gabrielle isa
    Gabrielle Isa
  • I love how the movement Naija Goes Vegan doesn’t attack meat eaters, but rather preaches on the need to hit a balance. My company has now adopted #MeatFreeWednesdays as a culture!

    Richard Billions
    Founder - The TruthMarket
  • It’s clear to see just how seriously these guys take their commitments. I’ve never come across a group of Gen Z’s with the level of enthusiasm as this – and don’t even get me started on their message, there is simply NO competition. I am joining the movement and spreading the word!

    Naija Goes Vegan
    Okonwo Thompson


NaijaGoesVegan relies on the support and partnerships of organizations and individuals like you to propel us.

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